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Management & Leadership

When implementing change in order to improve the performance of your sales team, there are specific reactions that should be expected, and prepared for. Here are the 10 reactions you can count on, and why they occur.

A series of 2 hour, high intensity workshops exclusively for sales driven Presidents, CEO's and CSO's.

Why won't my team member, sales person, manager follow-through and execute my coaching advice? Sports coaches train and certify before we trust them with the budding sports careers of our kids. Yet everyday in business we take top producers out of the job, hand them a new briefcase and a business card with a management title and expect them to coach, cajole, clone x-teammates into even higher levels of performance. And .... how do we get coaching to stick?

Managing a team of sales reps with various motivations and egos is no easy feat. And if you’re a sales manger, you know that it can be a complicated and sometimes challenging role that requires a number of management skills to be successful. At Sandler Training, we’ve discovered that highly effective sales managers possess a set of skills and characteristics that make them stand out from the rest....