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Self Development

I was on my way into the office this morning, stopped in traffic, and couldn't help notice the daily message posted on the welcome board of a church in our local community.

Why would one's self-worth take precedent over net-worth, particularly in our performance based culture?

Being net worth focused, for the wrong reasons, actually grinds away at self-worth as we continue to compare ourselves (what we have) to others who've made it to the next rung on the ladder. We train our brain to think "I'm not good enough, yet! But I'll feel better when I get that bigger car, new house, more toys!" We start to feel less and less OK about ourselves and self-worth .......

Our attitudes and beliefs shape our thoughts and responses to things, information, observations. Attitudes and beliefs come in one of two forms and to a greater or lesser degree. People walk through life with an attitude of either abundance/possibility or one of scarcity/limitation. When the going gets tough and the pipeline dries out, maintaining an attitude of abundance and possibility requires the ability to face and address what appears to be a growing impossibility. Allowing the scare of scarcity to fester and grow and impact activity is a quick downward spiral to crash and burn. The enabling benefit of an attitude of abundance and possibility is only one pill away .... but for some can be a tough pill to swallow!

"You will never change the things in your life that you know are defective unless you learn the truth. Change requires learning the truth." (Rick Warren). Taking in Rick Warren's Daily Hope reading this morning I couldn't help relating his message to a major challenge we as sales pro's face every day. We lie to ourselves about the reality of our pipeline. We lie to ourselves about a lot of things as way to avoid the truth. The truth will make us uncomfortable and we know they only way to get rid of the uncomfortableness is to do something about it or pretend it doesn't exist.